4300 Madison Ave South Ogden, UT 84403

There are two large rubber based playgrounds at the Burch Creek park in South Ogden, Utah. Park amenities include multiple play structures, ropes course, tall metal tube slide, swings, adult exercise equipment, water feature, pickle ball courts, benches, covered picnic tables, restrooms and parking lot. 

Playground #1

Near the parking lot there is a large flat playground with a solid surface rubber matting meant for younger aged children. Officially the playground is rated for 5-12 years old, but it also features a smaller play structure with 2 slides rated for 2-5 year olds standing twirling things and toddler swings appropriate for younger children. 

One fun thing about this playground is the small hill built into the rubber surfacing. This is perfect for small kids running up and down on. Nearby there is a small "saucer" spinner and a standing spinner. We also like the open space in this corner which is perfect for playing games like "duck duck goose" or just running around in. 

There are two regular swings and a circle swing with mesh bottom. 

The smallest play structure is perfect for the 1-5 year old group . 

Next to the lower playground there are multiple benches facing the playground on the perimeter, new pickle ball courts, a restroom building, covered picnic benches, and a fun water feature (not yet open). 

This concrete water feature allows kids (or adults) to pump water out of the spigots and open gates to allow the water to run downhill. There are multiple levels and a step for kids at the top. I suggest bringing some toy boats, bath toys or water pails and shovels with you for extra fun. 

Separating the two playgrounds is a very large hill. Climb all the steps or take the wheelchair accessible sidewalk to access the other "big kid" playground and adult exercise stations forming a big circle. 

Playground #2

The top playground is rated for kids 5-12 years old and features a sold surface rubber base. The playground itself is on a hill and slopes down towards the big slide. 

This is more of an agility/obstacle style playground with lots of ropes. Younger kids at this age range may not be able to do some of the elements. My 5 year old was able to climb up to the tall tube slide and climb up to the tall black tube, but couldn't get to the top of the circle rope cage thing. He found the rope courses challenging, but accomplished one of them by the end of our visit.  My 7 year old could do almost all of the elements at this playground without assistance. I think the older kids will really love this playground for its challenging elements. 

I was able to play on the courses with my kids and even tried the metal tube slide (it was a blast). There were a few other parents playing on the equipment with their kids and even a couple grandmas having a good time on the rope course. I loved the fact that families were engaging and playing together. 

Overall, we LOVED this park. We are excited about the elements like the pump water feature to be fully functional in the future. The city put lots and lots of trees surrounding the playgrounds, but they are all still tiny and don't provide any shade. The lower playground does feature big poles for shade cloths, but there are currently no shade cloths installed yet. 

You can read more about the opening event at the park here

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