3340 N 3050 W, Farr West, UT 84404

This is a new elementary school in Weber School District that opened in 2019. This school features 4 separate playgrounds: 1 playground in front of the school and 3 behind. The front playground and the North playground are both fully fenced in with 6 foot metal fencing and latching gates. 

Playground #1

The first playground is north of the school building and the main parking lot. It features a play structure with platforms and slides, an A frame blue climber, an inclusive merry go round, lots of stepping "stones" and two grass areas within the fenced area. 

Playground #2

The second playground at the north end behind the school features a solid rubber surfacing with a curved climber, and a wheelchair accessible play structure with slides and two small disk spinners. 

Playground #3

The third playground is behind the school to the south side. It is the largest area and features a play structure with different types of slides and fireman pole and a circuit of climbing equipment. 

My kids (ages 5 &7) loved this playground the most because of climbing equipment arranged in a circular circuit. You can climb or jump on one object and continue to the next object without having to touch the wood chips. Both kids were able to complete the circuit quite a few times and loved the design. I can imagine this also is a favorite at recess time. 

There is also a very large blacktop area with square games for playground balls and a map of the counties of Utah. 

Playground #4

On the far south side of the school there is a playground without a traditional slide but rather individual objects and climbers. 

Our favorite piece of the playground is the two panels to play on ground level. One of the panels is a magnet panel that you spin. The other panel is the 15 square game that you move the squares to put the colors or patterns together in logical orders. I love that this panel is open ended and the children get to make their own rules on how they play the game either individually or as a group. 

The monkey bar structure is nice because it has lots of different types of monkey bars in a circular structure that can hold many children at the same time. 

Overall, we really love the size and variety of playgrounds at this new elementary school in Farr West. It can accommodate tons of children at the same time at recess and provide for lots of different activities and needs. 

+ 4 separate playgrounds, all unique except the same color scheme

+ 2 fenced in playgrounds and 2 non-fenced options

+ Tons of different activities and ways to use the playground

+ 1 playground with solid rubber surfacing and wheelchair accessible play structure

+ Playgrounds all meet new safety standards and are in near perfect condition

- no restrooms at elementary school and no businesses nearby to use public restrooms

- no access for the public to play at the playgrounds during school hours

- no shade on playgrounds

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