3370 Polk Ave, Ogden, UT 84403

There are two separate and different playgrounds at this school in Ogden. The inclusive rubber surface playground is new and opened in 2020. 

Playground #1

The new inclusive playground has a solid rubber surfacing and features a wheelchair accessible play structure with multiple ramps, play panels and slides, stepping stones, large disk swing, triangular metal climber and different single spinners. 

We love that this playground has a disk swing added to the playground and makes it one of only two elementary schools with swings in Weber County that we know of. If you want to learn more about the benefits of swings you can click here or here. The benefits are numerous! 

The only main disadvantage that I see to this playground is the lack of shade. The rubber surfacing, although light in color, does hold in a lot of heat and is significantly hotter during the hot months. 

One thing that differentiates that playground from other inclusive playgrounds that the Weber School Foundation built is the lack of fencing and gates. While some children need the physical boundaries that fences provide, this playground uses a small concrete curbing to differential the surfaces and allows access to both the playground and the perimeter games and area on the blacktop. 

Some of the play panels that are accessible from the ramps and the ground level are the 3 letter word panels and the electronic music piano panel that allows you to play and create actually songs (or just random key punching if you are like my younger kid). 

Playground #2

The second playground at Wasatch Elementary is an older large play structure with a wood chip base. This play structure features many different types of slides, tunnels, bridges and monkey bars. 

This play structure is one of the largest structures this company makes and can accommodate a large number of children during recess time. 

One nice feature of the big structure is the ample room to play under the slides and platforms. It provides a  little bit of shade and there is a small "cafe window" for pretend play. 

+ 2 separate and different play areas suitable for lots of different ages and abilities
+  Both playgrounds are located behind the school and the back is fully fenced in
+ Lots of inclusive elements and wheelchair accessible play structure

-  no public restrooms
- no access for the public during school hours
- no shade on playgrounds

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