3300 N 975 W, Pleasant View, UT 84414

There are 3 separate and different playgrounds at this elementary school in Weber School District, built in 2020 located in Pleasant View, Utah.  All of these playgrounds you can play on after school hours, weekends and all summer. The major downsides to these playgrounds are the lack of public restrooms and any shade. 

Playground #1

The first playground is on the South West corner of the school property. It features a wood chip base and 6 separate play structures to climb on or play with. All of the elements are rated for 5-12 yr olds. 

There is a balance course with 4 separate things to climb on or balance on. 

There is a pyramid rope climber that can accommodate lots of kids. 

The curved rock wall has lots of hand holds and different ways to climb to the top. 

My favorite item on this playground is the 15 square puzzle located on the sensory panels. You move each square in any direction to organize the squares by color or other pattern. I like that it creates a quiet place for kids at recess and encourages solo play opportunities or team work to organize the squares. 

Black Top Area:

Between the first and second playgrounds there is a very large blacktop area with two full basketball courts, lots of 4 square blocks, other ball game squares, a large map of the United States and a map of Utah showing each county. 

Playground #2

The second playground is more of a traditional playground with a play structure with stairs, slides, fireman pole and monkey bars. In addition to this structure there is a circuit of separate play elements lumped closely together. It is appropriately rated for 5-12 yr olds. 

It is hard to capture in still pictures but you can start by climb on any single piece of playground equipment and jump to the next element easily. All the objects form a circle or a circuit and you can climb and maneuver through all the obstacles in a few minutes. My 5 and 7 year olds did quite a few circuits and found it challenging but fun. 

Playground #3

The third playground is located to the north end of the school and is the only playground behind a 6 foot metal fence. There is only one entrance from the outside but has two exits once you are in the playground. This playground is smaller and rated for 2-5 yr olds. Most likely this is for the kindergarten classes at recess. 

In this playground there is a small grass area as well as the wood chip are with smaller climbing elements, low balancing spots to jump between and a short tent shaped climbing structure with hand holds and hide holes to climb in and out of. 

This playground also features a traditional but smaller play structures with small ramps, slides, stairs, steering wheels, bells and bongo drums. Everything is close to the ground, has hand rails for stability and easily manuvered features for smaller kids.

If you had younger kids and lived close by, I think this would be a fun spot to play at, especially for kids between 1 and 3 years old. 

All three playgrounds do not have any shade. 

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