2100 W 4000 N Farr West, UT 84404

This is one of the newest parks in the area, and it does not disappoint! Smith Family Park has two separate and different playgrounds rated for 5-12 yr olds, 2 pavilions with picnic tables, 2 restroom buildings, basketball courts, fenced-in pickle ball courts, horse riding arena and a fishing lake filled with fish. Around the fish pond there is a paved half-mile walking/biking path and fitness trail stations. 

Playground #1 

The North playground features a zip line, 6 swings, two big swings that can be used by multiple kids, climbing structure with multiple levels and different height slides, climbing walls, 4 seesaws, a rotating circle feature. This playground is best suited for the 5-12 year old range, but there are a few elements the younger kids will safely enjoy.

We came at lunchtime on a Monday (in September 2018) and there were 2-3 groups of kids and parents playing when we arrived. One great thing about this park is that there are almost always families playing together at the park. The weekends are particularly busy here.  If you want to meet new people and interact with others, this is always a good one to go to.

This was our first time at the park and my kids were visibly excited when they saw the park. They immediately wanted to play on the seesaws and then slowly made their way around the playground playing with the race car panel on the ground and then going down the slides.

My 2 year old went on the zip line by himself after a few times of me following with him to make sure he didn't let go, but my height fearing 4 year old never got up the courage to sit on the zip line disk and go by himself. He did figure out that he could hold on to the disk above his head and run the length of the zip line back and forth. So everyone had fun. Fast forward 3 years and the zip line is one of my kids favorite features. I love that this teaches kids to take turns and the older kids usually help the younger kids pull the disk back up the ramp. 

I will add that at the end of the zip line the child swings quite a bit when it hits the end and bounces back. I would warn the littlest daredevils or observe a couple times before letting them go on themselves. I also observed a pair of grandmas helping a 3 year old- one standing at the beginning and one at the end to "catch" him and slow him down so he didn't go as fast. Towards the end of our visit I got a few turns myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. You can see the zip line rules here on Farr West's park page. 

One main disadvantage this park has is that there are no shade producing trees in or around the playground  or large shade cloths over the main elements. The small triangle shade cloths over the benches seem to be ineffectual at creating any shade unless you are there at the exact right time of day and season. We haven't actually been shaded by them while at the park. 

Accessibly wise I was a little disappointed.  While I realize this park was designed for the 5-12 year old range, there weren't any toddler swings or any adaptive swings, just 6 regular swings. There is a big round disk swing so that is a bonus and could work for younger kids or kids that need more support than traditional swings. 

The whole park has a wood chip base, which is common in our area because of our harsh winters and snow. But this makes it almost all the way inaccessible for wheelchair or walker users. There is at least one ramp to go into the playground, but again it isn't ideal with a wood chip base and there are no sidewalks that lead directly on the play structure. On the plus side there is a wide sidewalk that circles the entire playground, restrooms and pavilion, but no extra space next to the benches to park a wheelchair or way to access the benches without walking into the wood chips and stepping over the concrete step meant to keep the wood chips in. 

On the big play structure they did have some sensory elements with big colorful bells you can ring, but you have to climb stairs to reach them.  On the ground level there is a fun car themed panel with a spinner and cars you can "drive" in a game and two plastic drums. 

Sport Courts:
South of the first playground there are new fenced-in pickle ball courts and basketball courts. Both are in like new condition with little or no divots in the court surfaces. There are quite a few benches to sit on facing the courts and ample sidewalk and room park wheelchairs and/or strollers next to the benches. Both courts have lighting. 

Fishing pond and walking track:
South of the sport courts there is a fishing pond filled with fish and a small paved walking path that circles the pond. At our estimation, it is about half a mile around the lake. There are benches lined around the pond as well as fitness stations spread out along the pond path. 

One thing that I liked about the new fitness stations is how well they are marked with instructions and the base of all the exercise stations are lined with gravel so even in wet or muddy weather they are accessible. 

All of the fitness stations are made of wood and seem to be in good condition (in fall 2021). 

Near the fitness station #5 on the west side of the pond you can access the brand new playground. Parking for the playground is at the fish pond but you can't see the playground from the parking lot. Follow the pond path on the South West side and you will find it tucked in next to new houses. When we visited on 10/28/2021 they had just finished the fencing behind the new playground that morning but did not have any sidewalk or perimeter work done. 

Playground #2

The new playground open in late 2021 is rated for 5-12 yr olds. It has a wood chip base and features many unique items such as the swing gravity course, agility obstacles, a merry go round, traditional play structure with slides, and two regular swings. 

This part of the agility course is a favorite of the older kids. You have to jump from platform to platform with one foot on each. My 7 year old figured it out easily and did it over and over again. My 5 year old couldn't get the speed enough to not fall on the slanted platforms. 

All the elements on the agility course are in somewhat of a oval shape and you can do all the elements in a circuit and then repeat. The ladder with the bell was fun for the older kids. 

By far, the favorite feature at the park is the swing gravity course. Essentially it is a swing that you sit on at the top of a tall platform and propel yourself down with gravity. It brings you around the course to the other side of the park up another tall platform. It is very similar to the Neldon Hamblin Park in Clearfield (which we also love). 

If you have small children, you as the adult will have to help a lot with the gravity course, so wear good footwear. My 7 year old was barely strong enough to bring the swing to either side platform and hop on the swing seat himself. All the younger kids weren't strong enough or tall enough to bring the swing up the ramp. 

The swing frequently stops half way through the course with lighter weight kids, especially when starting from the north platform. By the end of our hour at this park, the kids had learned to swing themselves back and forth to keep it moving. The adults had to push the swing a few feet in the middle occasionally until it sloped down more and reached the other side. As a full sized adult,  I was able to make it all the way from on the course without getting stuck most of the time, but I did get stuck a couple times coming from the north platform. 

Like the other playground, this one is severely lacking in any shade. 

This is not an accessible park for those with physical disabilities or even for younger children. It is rated for 5-12 yr olds appropriately. Younger kids can still use the traditional swings, the small play structure in the middle with slides and the merry go round- but the merry go round was super hard to push even as an adult. Most of the kids weren't able to push it more than once or twice around and then gave up. 

As of 10/28/2021, there were no sidewalks leading to the park or any benches to sit at. 

Overall thoughts:
Overall, the playgrounds at Smith Family Park are some of the best playgrounds in Weber County. Many people from Weber and Box Elder County travel just to play here. They have become what is known as a "destination playground", bringing residents from other towns specifically for the park. While we would love them to be more accessible to all children, the playgrounds are excellent for older kids and thrill seeking kids. We love the variety and sheer number of playground elements that keep kids running from feature to feature and staying active. 

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