3150 S 2150 W, West Haven, UT 

This is a large 3 acre grass park in West Haven that features a play structure with wood chip base, small fenced dog park, covered pavilion with two picnic tables, benches and small parking lot. To the east of the park is West Haven Trail. 

This playground is a "Biba playground". While good intentioned, I don't love the execution of the app and the mixing of phones and playground recreation areas. 

Tuscan Park is the start of the S.S.T.A.R.S. trail, a 5.2 mile trail of trail system that features planets and other solar system objects to scale for both size and distance created by 6-9 grades in West Haven. The planet trail features opened in May 2021. Each planet or object is represented with a 3D image along with lesser known and interesting facts about that planet or object.

The Sun is represented at the park and you can travel North on West Haven Trail to visit all the planets connecting to west 17th Street in Marriott- Slaterville on the Ogden River Parkway trail.

To the south end of the park there is a small fenced dog park with a connecting sidewalk. 

At the north end of the park near the small parking lot there is a covered pavilion with 2 picnic tables and some small trees that are not shade producing yet. There are no restrooms at the park, nor are there any in the proposed plans for the park on West Haven's city website.

This photo below shows a key accessible feature that I wish every park included.  Tuscan park has sidewalks that connect the trail to the street with sidewalks without any large gaps or bumps. The photo also shows that the sidewalks connect to the bench and there is room to one side for accessing the bench/transferring and a space for a wheelchair or walker to be right next to the bench. 

Overall, this is a nice park with a few interesting features like the planet trail and accessible park features even though the playground itself is not accessible to many. 

All photos were taken by a community member that helped us photograph the park in October 2022. 

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