4100 Palmer Dr, South Ogden, UT 84405


This is a new wood chip based playground (built in 2021 or 2022) with circling sidewalks built in the old location of the demolished Club Heights Elementary School in South Ogden. Park amenities include 2 separate play structures, pump river water feature, nature scape climbing area, 2 covered picnic tables, benches, bike racks and a small parking lot. 

In the center of the park there is a large circle of grass. The circle is surrounded by wide sidewalks great for access of pedestrians or scooters. There are 3 smaller connected circles with concrete or wood chip bases. The concrete circle feature a water feature with a metal water pump, concrete "river" paths, rocks and metal squares that you can open and close to let the water flow. This is only available during the summer months.

The second circle features a big play structure rated for 5-12 year old with slides, ladders, a spinning egg and the most prominent feature an extra wide slide that can accommodate probably 5 or 6 kids at a time. 

There is also a separate smaller play structure for kids 2-5 years old in a separate area.

The last circle towards the rear of the park is more of a nature playscape with logs to climb on, ropes and fake rock walls and rear rocks to leap on. All of it is set out in a big circular circuit so you can go around and repeat it. 

There are also 2 covered pergolas with a single picnic table at both ends of the park. 

Overall, I think this park is amazing and has almost a little bit of everything. While I would have liked to see more inclusive features for wheelchair users, this park is excellent. I can imagine that as the new trees get bigger and shade producing, it will be even a better experience providing shade on the hottest days. 


This is an older wood chip based playground in Club Heights Park in South Ogden, Utah. Park amenities include a play structure, regular swings, covered picnic tables, half basketball court, walking path, grass baseball field with concrete bleachers, grass field, restrooms and two parking lots. The parking lot is also shared with the South Ogden Dog Park. 

The play structure is rated for 5-12 year olds and features three different slides, fireman pole, monkey bars, vertical chain ladders, plastic rock stairs, circular climber in the middle and stairs for access.

As shown in the pictures the play structure is close to a wooded area and shaded during the day. We photographed this park around 1pm and it was almost completely shaded.

Under the plastic rock stairs there is a "dinosaur fossil". This provides more interest for younger kids and a shady place to play when it is hot. It appears that this had/has graffiti on it but they have tried to remove it or obscure it in some way.

Next to the play structure there are four swing bays, but currently only two regular swings (in 2019). 

Close to the playground and nearest the south parking lot (near the South Ogden dog park) is a covered pavilion with lots of picnic tables and trash cans. 

There is also a half concrete basketball court near the playground.

Restrooms are nearest the north parking lot and pretty far from the playground and picnic tables.

Ramp grants were awarded to help renovate this park and build the new playground. Here is the list of the grants:

RAMP grant awarded 2021- Phase 2 $450,693

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