2900 S 3500 W, West Haven, UT 84401

This is a new playground in West Haven with a wood chip base. It is rated for kids 2-12 years old. Staker Farms park features a large play structure, stepping "stones", benches surrounding the playground, a covered pavilion (with no picnic tables), a walking path, restrooms and a scoreboard (no field or grass areas yet). 

There are two curvy slides on the play structure, a curved climber, "rock" stairs to climb, stairs, play panels, tunnel entrance and a play panels on ground level. 

My kids loved the little area under the playground and spent at least 30 minutes playing restaurant here.  They liked the little bowl where you could put wood chips in and pretend it was food. 

This nature sounds panel is unique and fun. You turn the wheel and it makes different animal sounds like coyotes, frogs and birds. 

This is West Haven's newest park and it appears to be unfinished. While it has walking paths to the playground, lots of newly planted trees, benches along the path, a restroom building and a scoreboard, there is no grass or landscaped areas in the park. There is a new scoreboard which looks like it may be for a baseball diamond, but it is still dirt, sand and weeds. 

This is the photo from West Haven's parks page which shows the area and proposed features of the park. When the park is finished, we will make sure to post new pictures. 

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