1896 W 1800 N, Farr West, UT 84404

This is a fun fully fenced playground for kids 2-5 years old in Farr West with a sand/gravel base. The playground features a small play structure with slides and no open panels/drop offs higher than 4 feet, monkey bars, 6 regular swings, springy stepping circles, tire swing, a spring horse and a climbing tunnel. The playground sits in the middle of a parking lot of the Farr West city offices and recreational center. 

We visited this park around 1pm on a cold but sunny day in November. We didn't see anyone else at the park (but didn't really expect to). We were pleasantly surprised at all this park has to offer, especially since we have never even seen or heard of this park before. Shortly after visiting we added this park to Google maps with pictures and a review. 

I love that this park is specifically tailored to the 2-5 year old age group. This is the only park that we know of (so far) in Weber County that all elements are suitable for the younger age group. As you may have already read, one of the reasons I started this blog was to find (safe) playgrounds for my adventurous 2 year old.  This park ticks all the boxes for a great toddler park. 

The main play structure at this playground features two smaller slides, two different ladders to climb on the structure, a short fireman's pole, stairs to access the wide platforms, monkey bars and a steering wheel on ground level. Most of the open panels are at about 3 to 3.5 feet high and one a little higher at 4 feet. 

There is a small climbing tunnel on ground level with textured grab holds and lots of room to play under. The entire tunnel is probably 3.5 feet tall. My kids loved climbing on this and peeking their heads out the holes in the sides. 

Another fun and unique feature at this park are the yellow circular stepping stones. They have springs in them and kids can jump and down. My 4.5 year old spent a good time on this jumping up and down by himself while my 2.5 year old needed a hand to steady him while jumping on them.

Like the neighboring Mountain View Park, this park features a nice tire swing. It is in good working order and the stand is wide enough that a kid could not swing into the poles even if they tried. 

There are 6 regular swings at the playground and no infant/toddler swings. This seems a little strange to me since it is specifically tailors to younger kids, but then again I haven't seen any toddler swings at any of the Farr West parks. The regular swings seem to be in good condition and at comfortable heights. 

The sand/gravel playground sits in the middle of a large parking lot. It is fully fenced with only one opening to enter/exit (no gate). I especially love this since it is for younger children and younger kids tend to run or wander away easily. There are a couple benches inside the playground. One of the benches is shaded by the covered pavilion during the day. Outside the fence there is a covered pavilion with picnic tables and restrooms (closed during the winter). The rec center in the same parking lot is open 5:30am to 8:00pm and was happy to let us use their restroom since the outside restrooms are closed. 

I think we will be back very soon to play at this park and have play dates next spring. 


- large fully fenced playground for kids 2-5 years old with lots of fun elements like spring horse and tire swing

- swings

- restrooms (closed during the winter) and a rec center in the same parking lot that will let you use their restrooms during the winter

- covered pavilion outside playground nearby


- Sand/gravel base not ideal (personal preference but the sand gets everywhere including shoes and in mouths of smaller toddlers )

- no shade

- no infant/toddler swings on playground

- not wheelchair accessible or inclusive elements for special needs


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