This is a great toddler playground (maybe our favorite so far) in the Farr West Park located in Farr West (West of North Ogden). The park has a fenced in playground with a gate containing a few smaller toddler play structures, a bigger play structure rated for 2-12 year olds, spring bugs, metal climbing dome, caterpillar tunnel, restrooms right outside the playground, a baseball field with bleachers, covered picnic tables, large grass area and a big parking lot. 

The fenced in playground used to be connected to a daycare center, but they closed for business. The playground is now open (and owned by the city) for use in the city park. This is the only fenced in playground with a gate that I know of in Weber County. This makes it an ideal place to bring toddlers and smaller kids who like to run or wander away or while watching multiple children. 

The playground is separated into 2 areas, both with their own gate with sand bases. In the smaller area there is a Little Tikes Tot Tree. My 3 and 5 year olds LOVED this tree and spent a lot of time pretending in it. There was the same tree in the McDonalds near our house in California and they remembered playing in it also when they were smaller. The plastic tree isn't in great condition and it is missing a few pieces here and there, but nothing unsafe about it from what we could tell. Above the tree there is an open frame that looks like there once was a shade cloth on it, but it is no longer there. 

In the bigger play area there are 2 large play structures; one blue and yellow rated for 2-5 year olds and a bigger structure rated for 2-12 year olds. The bigger structure is the same model as the one in Barker Park in North Ogden. My 5 year old especially liked the piano located underneath that you could play. 

Behind the play structures there is also a metal climbing dome. As you can see from the picture below, the wall behind the playground is a sound barrier for the freeway on the other side (I-15). The bridge to go over I-15 is located next to this playground and can be accessed from the parking lot. There is no gate at this end of the fence near the ramp. 

Inside the playground there is also a wooden bench up against the building that provides shade during the day. 

There is a side walk into the playground and to the bench but no other wheelchair access in the sand.  

Just outside of the gate to the playground there are public restrooms. They were open and clean when we visited. There are also bike racks located here. 

To the south in the park there is a large baseball diamond with bleachers. Past the diamond there is a big grass area. 

There is also some covered picnic tables near the parking lot that can be reserved for a fee. 


- Fully fenced in toddler park with closing gate

- unique elements such as metal piano and spring bugs

- shaded bench in playground

- large grass area


- close proximate to I-15 so it can be noisy

- no wheelchair access in the sand playground

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