375 Goddard Street Ogden, UT 84403
This is an elementary school in Ogden with 2 separate playgrounds. Playground amenities include play structures, monkey bars, balance roller, stepping stones, uncovered picnic tables and grass field. Note: This school is in Ogden City School District and is only open to the public evenings, weekends, and during the summer. There are no public restrooms. 

This elementary school is pretty iconic with the facade that looks like a space shuttle. My boys loved the space shuttle but were slightly disappointed that the playground wasn't space themed also or the fact that they couldn't climb in the space shuttle. 

The playground in front of the elementary school is rated for 2-5 years old and it consists of 3 slides, stepping stones, climbing rainbow, stairs and steps for access and a separate monkey bars. 

As shown in the picture below, the playground has a wood chip base and fully fenced in. Unfortunately, there is no shade on this playground. It is fairly small and I imagine it is pretty crowded with a full class or two of kids at recess. 

 The second playground is to the south end of the elementary school and is also fully fenced in. This is a large wood chip based playground with a play structure, stepping stones including a stepping alligator, monkey bars, basketball courts, uncovered picnic tables and large grass field. 

There are lots of monkey bars and things for gross motor skills for 5-12 year olds. 

My preschoolers especially liked the stepping stones and alligator to climb on. 

Past the playground are basketball courts on a concrete pad and a few uncovered picnic tables within the fence. The basketball court is wheelchair accessible with sidewalks from the parking lot but the playground is not. 

It is of note that on the other side of the fence is Jefferson Park. On both occasions we visited, once in November and once in June, there were multiple individuals presumably homeless sleeping in and around the playground. 


- 2 fully fenced playgrounds

- 2 different play structures for 2-5 yrs and 5-12 yrs

- fun elements like alligator stepping stones

- picnic tables next to playground 


- no shade

- no benches

- no public restrooms

- no wheelchair access on playground

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