250 N 1600 W, Marriott-Slaterville, UT 84404
Pioneer Elementary School in Marriott-Slaterville is a school that teaches approximately 550 students in Weber County School District. It is located in a quiet neighborhood not far from 12th street. In the 2019/2020 school year the PTA paid for 2 brand new playgrounds at the elementary school. You can find the review and pictures of the old playgrounds here

Playground #1

The playground in front of the school is rated for 5-12 years and features lots of climbing features. It is surrounded by 3 sides with a 6 foot chain link fence and has a wood chip base. There are monkey bars, u shaped climbing frame, stepping stones, hand pedals, hanging rings, chain spider web, short parallel bars, crunch bar and graduated hanging stepping stones.

There are no benches in or close to the playground except for a buddy bench that is off to the side near the black top facing away from the playground. There is a small strip of grass with a small shade tree between the playground and the fence. Otherwise there is no shade on the playground.

The graduated hanging stepping stones were by far my kid's favorite thing about this playground. They were easy enough that my 4 year old could do them independently.

Like many of the newer playgrounds by Miracle Recreation, this one incorporates diagrams for performing exercises on the equipment. The crunch bar and hanging rings were quite tall for elementary school kids and they would have to jump pretty high to use them. All of the other equipment seemed right sized for the 5-12 yr range. 

Playground #2

The second playground located behind the school to the East is a more traditional playground with slides, balance beam, merry go round, parallel bars and spinning seats. 

This playground is rated for 5-12 year olds. It has 2 different slides, curved climber, monkey bars, a bell on the ground, stairs for access and 2 shade towers. 

Next to the playground there is a large black top area with square games, basketball hoops, and playground ball hoops. 

There is also a merry go round that can accommodate lots of kids at one time. 

Overall, we really love the new playground at Pioneer Elementary. We think they are a big improvement over the older playground that was replaced. There are no more safety issues like the broken and cracked slides and the hot metal bars. The only thing we miss is the old tiny metal play structure and slide rated for 2-5 year olds. The new playground is more appropriate for the grade school children, but the one was very nostalgic. 

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