878 Liberty Avenue Ogden, UT 84404

REVEW OF NEW PLAYGROUND (installed 2020)

This is a wheelchair accessible playground with a wood chip base in a playground in Ogden, UT. Park amenities include large grass field (team soccer is played here), play structure, swings, covered picnic tables, mini bench shelter and restrooms. 

This playground is a huge improvement over the last playground that was here. This refurbished playground was paid for by a RAMP grant in 2019. Ogden City kept the playground to be a wheelchair accessible structure, but now it is actually usable and fun. 

On the play structure there are two separate towers connected by ramps. One of the towers is two stories high. The only way to access the upper tower (and twisty slide) is to climb up the yellow circular ladder. I like this because it makes it harder for younger toddlers to get up there. On the lower level of this tower there is a tic taco toe panel and a clear dome panel. It also allows you to access the smaller toddler tower from here. 

At the top of the second story tower there is a musical piano panel, a bench in the middle of the platform, binoculars, and the twirly slide. 

The second smaller tower is suitable for all ages 2 and up and features a set of stairs with hand rails, small stepping stones and a small straight double slide.

There are 4 swings on the playground, 2 regular swings, 1 infant/toddler swing and a high backed accessible swing with a front latching harness. 

There are brand new bathrooms next to the playground with two wheelchair accessible stalls. Some of the landscaping around the bathrooms appear to not be finished. 

Beyond the new playground there is a large soccer field, which is used frequently for the youth soccer programs. 

All along the perimeter of the new playground there are quite a few trees planted. While they are still young and do not produce shade yet, in the future I'm sure they will be valuable both for aesthetics and also for shade for the playground. 

review from November 27, 2018

This is small neighborhood playground in a large grass park in Ogden. The wood chip based playground features a wheelchair accessible ramp to to the structure, a tick tack toe panel, steering wheel, monkey bars, spiral climber and small double slide. There are also 2 regular swings next to the play structure. 

I did not take my kids along to this park as I was running errands, but I don't think they would have enjoyed it. The grass area was big and probably is fun to run around in, but the playground is old and not interesting. Although I do like that the playground is wheelchair accessible, there isn't much to do on the platform besides a steering wheel and tic tac toe. There is an open panel that leads to a set of monkey bars. This park is almost identical to Orchard Park with the slight variation of a tic tac toe panel and two less swings. 

The second platform has a dome window, a spiral climber and a small double slide. There are no stairs to access this panel so it is not ideal for toddlers. 

Next to the small play structure there is a set of two regular swings. They both seem to be in good working condition. 

Next to the playground there is a single bench to sit at, a covered pavilion with a few picnic tables, a single picnic table not covered, a building with restrooms (closed during the winter) and a parking lot. 

Overall, I was underwhelmed at the playground and probably won't go out of my way to bring my kids to this park. There are a lot of older playgrounds like this in Ogden that will hopefully be refurbished with new structures in the future. 

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